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12.12.16 Book Review: “Finding God in the Waves”

Millennials. Apparently that is what my generation has been marked as. When the rest of the world wanted their morning coffee faster (Keurig Machines), we found a way to make it a 20 minute experience (pour-overs & chemex). Most of us don’t have a traditional 9-5 job, are self-employed or started our own company. Many […]

10.23.16 Book Review “Seeking Refuge”

Every year, my family goes camping on the beach at Assateague Island in Maryland. It’s a tradition that my Grandma started when I was a kid, and something that my Mom has continued since her passing. We setup a few sleeping tents and a few canopies right in the sand directly over the dunes from […]

4.5.16 Book Review “Create Vs. Copy” by Ken Wytsma

First off, I owe a huge apology to my friend, Ken Wytsma. I was supposed to read and review his new book like a month ago. I DID read it, but writing/posting the review kept getting delayed due to a lot of travel lately. (Sorry Ken!). I am on yet another airplane from Baltimore to […]

9.28.15 BOOK REVIEW: “One Thousand Wells” by Jena Nardella

This past month, I have been traveling on the “No Plan B” tour with Carman, working to get children sponsored for ChildFund International. As we traveled the Pacific Northwest, I finished reading “One Thousand Wells” by Jena Nardella in the back of the tour bus, hotel rooms, coffee shops and in state parks on off-days. Jena […]

5.18.15 BOOK REVIEW: “Possible” by Stephan Bauman

To start, I need to apologize to Multnomah Publishing and the author, Stephan Bauman, as this book review is WAY overdue! I received the book towards the end of March and immediately began to read it, but my schedule got hectic as April and the 1st two weeks in May included a trip to Kenya, […]

3.22.15 BOOK REVIEW: “Gospel Justice” by Bruce D. Strom

January 2014 I set a personal goal to read one book per month and I have enjoyed keeping that goal into 2015. Much of what I’ve been reading has been surrounding community development, global missions, and social justice. Within my work in Community Transformation with New Mission Systems International as well as my advocacy roles with ChildFund International, I […]

2.9.15 BOOK REVIEW: “The Grand Paradox” by Ken Wytsma

I am a huge fan of transparency. Prior to reading “The Grand Paradox” by Ken Wytsma* I had just finished reading his first book, “Pursuing Justice” and immediately began making plans to attend this years Justice Conference in Chicago, IL. Recently, I have started receiving pre-release copies of books about social justice, global missions, and Christian theology, especially with the recent […]

8.14.14 BOOK REVIEW: “Overrated” by Eugene Cho

I just completed reading a pre-release copy of a new book, “Overrated” by Eugene Cho. For transparency, I want to share that I received a free digital copy of “Overrated” from David C. Cook Publishing in exchange for an honest review of the book, and I do not receive any compensation from you reading this review or […]