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14054091_1720690691514415_4718517240286011984_nAs a public speaker and campaign developer for non-profit organizations, I have the joy of daily seeing the spark in people’s eyes as they make the sacrificial decision of meeting someone else’s needs through child sponsorship. I am currently on tour with CCM artist, Mark Schultz in the North East. Mark and I traveled to Zambia, Africa together earlier this year, and after months of work, it is exciting to see the entire campaign getting off the ground to impact 1,000 vulnerable children in a specific village! For me, child sponsorship served as an initial awakening in my life to the needs of the poor. After I sponsored my first child, I became interested in how to pursue other areas in my life in which I could potentially still make a difference through everyday actions. One of the first places I started was with how I spent my money. After all, how we spend our money is really the way that we influence the type of world that we want to live in. Our words, our prayers, our thoughts, they all matter, but ultimately our actions end up making true change occur.


Today I want to tell you about two very cool brands that are using everyday items to make a difference in people’s lives: One Pound Coffee Box and Global Garments. 



One Pound Coffee Box was started by my friend, Josh, who works for a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Agency in Nebraska. Josh is a husband, dad, and lover of coffee and wanted to start a monthly-coffee-subscription company that could connect coffee-lovers all over the nation with a local roaster…EVERY MONTH! Their approach is simple: 1 Pound of Coffee from 4 Boutique Roasters sent to your door every month. From where the beans are sourced, to the roasters that they select, One Pound Coffee Box is socially concious with how they spend and source their supplies. As a fellow coffee lover myself, I know that I am going to make a coffee purchase every month somewhere, so I’d rather do it through a reputable company that does all the work for me, and literally ships it free to my door every month! My box will be coming in next week when I get off the road, and I can’t wait to dive into my first box!GG-Logo-2016Another great company that I’ve come to love is Global Garments. After a humanitarian trip to Kathmandu, Nepal in May of 2015 coordinating new shelters for the victims of the earthquake, Josh & Aaron wanted to find a solution for the marginalized women in Nepal. Global Garments strives to be champions of telling the story of restoration in dignity and self-reliance for women that were marginalized, rescued, and taught a trade. That trade is in fabrics, weaving and sewing, and it is exciting to see the launch of their brand new GGSR Backpack just in time for back-to-school! “Global Garments Self-Reliance backpack” is a labor of joy and teamwork from a team of women who have started a new chapter of laughter and a future of dignity and self-reliance. Hemp, wool, cotton, and colorful Nepali colors weave the story of future plans in every stitch. My bag just came in the mail and I’ll be traveling with it on tour all year long! If you’re headed back to school, college, or even out for a hike, support a new life for women in Nepal by purchasing this bookbag!


There are THOUSANDS of other incredible organizations, brands, and companies out there doing extraordinary work through business, and I love learning about them. Leave me a comment with some of your favorites, and I’ll check them out as well. Consider supporting the ones above if you’re able!

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