Children Sponsored
I’m excited to join my friends from KLOVE on the KLOVE CHRISTMAS TOUR featuring CROWDER, MAC POWELL (of Third Day) and UNSPOKEN. I’ll be speaking each night for ChildFund International to get more children sponsored!
Nov 28 New York, NY
Nov 29 Philadelphia, PA 
Dec 1  Pittsburgh, PA  
Dec 2  Lexington, KY   
Dec 3  Charlotte, NC  
Dec 4  Nashville, TN   
Dec 7  Milwaukee, WI  
Dec 8  Chicago, IL 
Dec 9  Indianapolis, IN  
Dec 10 Kansas City, MO  
Dec 11  Denver, CO   
Dec 13  Phoenix, AZ   
Dec 14  Albuquerque, NM  
Dec 15  Dallas, TX  
Dec 16  Little Rock, AR  
Dec 17  Oklahoma City,OK 
Dec 18  San Antonio, TX

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