Jeremy is an adoptive dad who travels the world as a non-profit leader and spokesperson for ChildFund International. Since 2006, Jeremy has helped raise over $100 million dollars, mobilize over 1 million meals, and lead teams to facilitate over public 1,000 events to improve the lives of children through education, clean water, nutrition, health, and child protection in developing countries.

To further identify with the needs of the poor, Jeremy lives on a 100 year old family farm in Westminster, MD where they practice sustainable-living, inclusion, and ethical-farming. To help bring communities together, Jeremy serves on the inaugural DEI Council at ChildFund, the Carroll Citizens for Racial Equity board and as a Hey, Westminster! trustee.

In May 2023, Jeremy released a film called “Searching For Lanterns”, a short film documentary about a father and daughter’s struggle to resist child marriage in Kenya and embrace love at all costs.

Searching For Lanterns Documentary
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